Services include a tailored blend of techniques that are geared toward findings in your assessment and presenting concerns. The intention is to integrate motion in your body, mind and spirit to ignite your infinite wellness.

The same rate applies for all therapies offered in clinic or virtually:

90 Minute Advanced Manual Therapy/Coaching ($150)
60 Minute Advanced Manual Therapy/Coaching ($100)
45 Minute Advanced Manual Therapy/Coaching ($75)

30 Minute Advanced Manual Therapy/Coaching ($50)

Complimentary Discovery Call

A complimentary 30 minute online/phone assessment is offered to help target the best treatment approach for your specific concerns. In this way you receive customized guidance to support superior treatment outcomes in future treatment application.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy/Coaching

As a Freedom From Chronic Pain Practitioner (FCPP) Jessica recognizes the brains primary role in contribution to many chronic conditions including chronic pain. A FCPP uses the latest findings in pain neuroscience to address these conditions.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a psychological based treatment aimed to help individuals re-conceptualize their pain as caused by non-dangerous brain activity rather then structural damage or injury. The latest Pain research reveals that the vast majority of chronic pain patients do not have an underlying structural or pathological cause for the recurrent pain signal activation. Furthermore, many treatment approaches traditionally used for treating chronic pain work to manage pain symptoms to provide short term results. Comparatively, PRT provides long term strategies aimed to significantly decrease or eliminate chronic pain by altering your relationship to the pain. Studies utilizing PRT support a 66% reduction in chronic back pain symptoms which were sustainable in a one year follow-up.

Jessica uses a combination of pain neuroscience education, mindfulness meditation, reappraisal, cognitive re-framing, somatic and exposure based techniques. PRT aims to shift beliefs about the causes and threat value of pain to provide substantial and durable pain relief.

PRT is not limited to only treating chronic pain since the framework can be extended to also treat anxiety, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome.

PRT can be offered as an in-clinic format or virtually upon request.

Cranial-sacral therapy

Gentle mobilization of the bones of the head, spine and pelvis as an integrated system.

Myofascial Release

The body is wrapped in this connective tissue known as fascia. The fascia is like the “cling wrap” of the body. This tissue wraps around every organ and tissue in the body from head to toe. Gentle stretching of this tissue is introduced to restore vital circulation to improve mobility and tissue health. Scar tissue mobilization maybe used in this treatment to release anchors in our body’s framework that leads to dysfunction.

Visceral Manipulation

Just like the muscles and joints express movement in the body our organs also express a motion. Organs can get stuck, or compress structures in the body leading to an array of physical symptoms in our body. Gentle mobilization of the organ systems is introduced to restore health.

Stretching & Joint Therapy

Gentle traction, compression and oscillations are introduced to the joints of our body to restore mobility, elasticity and circulation for healthy joint movement expression.

Mindfulness Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissue in the body in a therapeutic manner. Guided breathing and mindfulness meditation are implemented into this treatment approach to help the patient deepen relaxation, increase body awareness while supporting mobility and circulation in the bodies tissues.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Gentle mindfulness presence is introduced into the treatment to decrease flare-ups of pain, fear and tension in our body. Mindfulness skills can then be utilized into activities of daily living to empower your own inner healer.

Breath Coaching

When the flow of breath is brought into your awareness this is where the healing magic begins. As our awareness grows on the flow of our breath; thoughts, emotions and physical discomfort seem to move into the background and your healing can step forward. Varies breathing styles are introduced in a guided, safe manner.

Sound Healing

A Crystal singing bowl is used to increase the vibration in your cells and energy to release stagnation and restore flow of life force.

Reiki Energy Therapy

A soothing powerful tool to address blocks in your physical, emotional and energetic systems to encourage flow with a gentle touch and a loving heart.