Jessica’s mission is motion

Jessica Simpson is a world-renowned mind-body coach that has a mission to raise awareness in the mind’s role in chronic symptoms while using methods that are supported in peer-reviewed research. Alongside an evidence- based practice, Jessica also enjoys integrating the principals of love and kindness while integrating mind-body practices. As a result, this integrative approach helps each of her patients feel empowered on their healing journeys as struggling with chronic symptoms can make one feel hopeless and disempowered. A mind-body approach is used in her coaching sessions to re-establish the link between the mind and body targeting recovery in chronic symptoms. Jessica highlights to each of her patients that there is always a mind behind the muscles and you can’t discount one without the other if you truly wish to have long-term success. After her own recovery from a chronic pain experience using a method called Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Jessica felt empowered on her mission to help her patients with these mind-body methods in their own chronic symptom recovery. Jessica underwent advanced trainings under the guide of the world’s leading chronic pain experts in the mind body field of medicine, Dr Howard Schubiner and Alan Gordon. From her own experience and advanced trainings, Jessica highlights to her patients that our thoughts, feeling, and beliefs held in our mind do have a consequential effect on the body and when left unchecked this can lead to chronic symptoms in the body with an unease in the mind. Jessica gently guides her patients back to their own true nature of love, joy, healing, and reconnection as they unlearn their pain and relearn themselves. Jessica uses a variety of mind-body tools such as mindful breath coaching, guided meditations and visualization exercises, graded exposure and goal setting, expressive writing practices and emotional processing skills. Jessica works with patients one on one and in small group coaching sessions to offer a personalized experience for her patients. Jessica offers a unique 10-week mind-body coaching series to guide you out of the limitations set by your chronic symptoms.  If you are ready to unlearn your pain and relearn yourself and expand yourself back to a state of joy and healing book your 10-session coaching package experience under the: Unlearn your Pain and Relearn you workshop series. If you have a twinkle of curiosity with questions about your own specific case book your Complimentary Discovery Call under the services tab as well. Jessica welcomes any questions and looks forward to being a part of your healing journey to guide you back to becoming the CEO of your healing path.