S | anxiety tells you to run, move fast, keep busy, avoid the feelings, distract yourself. Consciously choose to stop mentally.

T | take a deep breath, get in a comfortable position if you can or just take some deep breaths right where you are. Connect to and notice the rhythm of your breath. Feel the miracle of your breath, the miracle of you.

O | observe your body, observe your mind and smile into yourself. Be an astute observer. Watch the thoughts, watch the emotions move like clouds in your awareness. The breath is the wind that moves the clouds in your pure awareness. Your pure awareness is like the sky. Step back and be a witness.

P | proceed with peace, proceed with love. Relax, let go, allow. You are safe and loved.

Repeat this as often as you need to throughout your day and even in the nighttime quiet when our thoughts can become really loud. The results don’t happen overnight. You may find this easy to do at times and other times you may feel like “giving up”. Just keep going.

Healing is not linear, nor is progress. You don’t wake up and one day “poof” you will never feel an uncomfortable emotion or sensation again. But when you do look back with your practice you will see a little light, a little shift and that’s what you want to hold onto.

Its not about being better then anyone else, true nobility is about begin stronger than you were yesterday. This is your journey. Everything will unfold in its divine order so you may as well go with the flow rather then fight it. You are here to grow, learn and teach from your experience and maybe reach that light is someone else’s heart.

Commit to practicing peace, teach others and watch our world truly heal. This healing begins with you.

It all began with you, a tiny seed born from nothing to a beautiful flower spreading its seeds and beauty. Its peace upon our earth.

I heard a beautiful message from someone on there death bed. They said “in the morning when you awaken and your head comes off that pillow you have everything you need”

Don’t wait for the miracle, be the miracle that you are and help others to recognize there own.

We are one, you are so loved.